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When only hardwood flooring will do, we have what you need

Sometimes, the only feasible option for your home is hardwood flooring, and you should know that there are plenty of options to help you create the perfect surfaces in every room. These materials offer outstanding lifespan, impressive durability, and visual appeal that can be personalized for any décor scheme in your home. So take the time to read along now to learn more about these materials and how they can help you.

Which wood floors are suitable for you?

It could be that engineered wood flooring could best serve your needs, especially if you are installing the materials in below-grade areas, damp, or experiences frequent spills or splashing. This product is made by placing a sheet of natural solid wood on top of layers of perpendicularly laid plywood, offering the stunning visual you want with the durability and lifespan you need. The result is a product that gives you about 30 years of lifespan, can be refinished once wear begins to show on the surface, and handles a wide variety of daily traffic.

Solid wood is an outstanding product that can last more than 100 years or more, but this product can never be installed below grade. That's why engineered products can work so well if you have basement areas that need the appearance that can only be found in wood floors. Engineered materials still require an acclimation period, which can last from one to three days, depending on the conditions in and around your home. Still, the materials can be floated, speeding up the installation process significantly.

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We offer the wood floors you will love for years to come

Tile Temptations of Florida has a fully stocked inventory filled with materials you are sure to find appealing. We also offer all the assistance and services that bring everything together for a flooring experience you will still be enjoying years from now. Our experienced flooring specialists are ready to work with you on any size project, from start to finish, to provide the results you have always wanted.

From our Miramar Beach, FL showroom, we cater to residents from Miramar Beach, FL, Destin, FL, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Seaside, FL, and Choctaw Beach, FL, and we look forward to working with you on your project as well. Take the time to consider everything that we have to offer, including materials and services. We will provide engineered wood flooring that meets you right at your point of need, so stop by today.